Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Doable Dorsey Tunnel Walk Around

Today was the first time since July 4th that I had a few free hours. So I hiked the Alberton Road trail on the Baltimore County side of the Patapsco River, heading west past the the Dam at Daniels and up to the eastern portal of the Dorsey tunnel. Back on May 19th I had attempted to find a feasible walk-around of the tunnel between the tunnel and the river. I found only a trace fit for deer and mountain goats, to steep and unsafe. Today I found a decent trail over and around the tunnel on the high side of the tracks. It can be accessed at the 19 mile maker. Enter the woods on the right side of the tracks,  and then look for the trail on your left that slopes up the side of the hill. It will take you to the far (western) side of the tunnel.

While I was on the trail I saw two mature deer hightailing it away from me with their while flags flying. But then I ran into this little fawn grazing beside the trail. It did not bolt. We studied each other quietly as I approached and was able to snap a few pictures,