Sunday, November 30, 2014

High Trail from Brice Run Over and Around the Dorsey Tunnel

Hiked this afternoon along Alberton Road, past the dam and around to where Brice Run goes under the Old Main Line and into the Patapsco. Just past Brice run, heading west is a high through trail that goes up, over and around the Dorsey tunnel. I took it as far as the electric high power lines right of way that crosses the river at the eastern end of the Eureka Bridge on the approach to the Davis tunnel. I took the low trail on the return trip. I figure about six miles round trip.

           Looking back to the east from the ascent on the trail to bypass the Dorsey tunnel.

This fireplace was about 20 yards off the trail on the highest ridge maybe a half mile west of Brice Run. It would be easy to miss in the green season. No sign of a building foundation, and it is situated on slightly sloping ground. Odd even for a hunting cabin, if that was what the fireplace was for. Some nice pink granite granite is prominent just below the mantel shelf. Also saw two deer and three deer hunting tree stands in this area, which borders on private property adjacent to the Patapsco Valley State Park.

                                                Electric right of way, looking north.

                       Electric right of way looking south and across the river at the Eureka Bridge.

                       Two views looking east along the tracks and the river on the return hike.

                    And the closest thing to flowers you will see in the valley at this time of year.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Peaceful Waters on the Patapsco

A beautiful fall day for hiking along the Patapsco as Thanksgiving approaches. This section is just upstream from the site of the old Union Mill Dam where the US Route 40 bridge crosses the river from Baltimore County to Howard County, near Ellicott City, Maryland.