Sunday, May 19, 2013

View From Above The Dorsey Tunnel

Hiked from the Alberton Road lot off Dogwood Road all the way to the east portal of the Dorsey tunnel. I decided to see if there was a walk around trail to the west opening. There wasn't a real path, but I followed a deer trail down onto the flood plain of the Patapsco until the hill came all the way down to the river and I was forced up at a very steep grade. Only a few deer hoof prints were visible on what was barely a trace. I did make it to the west portal as you can see, but I do not recommend doing this. Very steep, rough, slippery going. And you have to retrace the same tricky return passage. It was a workout. The hike made clear the reason the B&O decided to blast the tunnel through this ridge, which is 400 feet high. On the return hike I ran into the fellow below. He seemed kind of lonely, so I gave him some space for a personal ad.